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Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man   Hammerstein II, Kern/Raspa   

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3.4/20/34 Angstrom  Raspa   (advanced)     Listen

     The title of this work is the spatial configuration of the DNA molecule (double helix).  This molecule, singular in function, contains a multitude of information vital to each of us.  Despite all our differences, this one fact separates us at the same time it unifies us.  The work is divided into two sections, each representing one half of the molecule.  This work was added to the OCLC  (Online Community Library) # 58724531.

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Essay on Silent Night   Raspa     Listen 


     This piece was commissioned by Dr. Karl Moyer and performed at midnight mass in Lancaster, PA.  The work is a phantasy based on the original carol, Silent Night, written by Franz Gruber.  The piece was reviewed in the American String Teacher Journal.

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