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I'm Nobody (Who Are You?)  (mezzo-soprano voice & piano)

This is a non-tonal setting of Emily Dickinson's highly popular poem which begins with the words "I'm Nobody".  The piece begins with arpeggiated chords in the piano preceding the vocalist's entrance in the third measure with a crescendo on the words I'm Nobody.  She continues through the poem with sections that are sung, spoken and whispered against a supporting piano accompaniment

Nick Raspa

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Three Poems for Soprano Voice & Piano  (soprano voice & piano)

​    Poems by Emily Dickinson, Music by Nick Raspa




This is an art song cycle setting of the poems of Emily Dickinson.  "Syllable" was selected for performance at the 1988 New Music Festival at the University of Wisconsin.  The non-tonal song cycle was also selected for performance at the Region 1 meeting of the Society of Composers in 1991.  This song cycle has been in included in the holdings of the "Archives and Manuscript Division" of the New Your City Public Library.